Pile Jacking System

Pile Jacking Technique

Pile jacking is a piling technique that provides a noise- and vibration-free environment in the construction site.

Our unique Pile Compression System was designed in Russia and produced in Ukraine. The jacking force is passed by the moving carriage through the side grips. Unique grip design provides safe and proper pile installation and eliminates the damage of elements (pile crushing, for example) with jacking force up to 200 tonnes. The reaction force arising during the indentation and extraction is taken by the installation mass and the cantledge of the inventory weights, metallic as a rule, and the mass of subsidiary mobile equipment in case such equipment is used.

UVT-200 works from the pit as well as on the daylight surface. Pile Compression System can be used close to existing building (1 meter from the wall), install piles through asphalt.

The soils characteristics UVT-200 works with:

- filled-up soil, represented by the demolished buildings construction remainders up to 4m deep; hard loams up to 3m deep; soft loams and sandy loams up to 6m deep; semi-hard and hard loams and clays
- loams and hard sandy loams
- hard loams up to 4m deep; fluid soft sandy loams up to 5.5m deep with the hard loams interlayers up 4m deep; semi-hard and hard loams and clays, force of 200 tons.
- hard, semi-hard clays in the confining layer with the fluid sandy loams interlayers
- fine sands, underlain with loams
Some of the project sites where UVT-200 Pile Compression System were used:
Pile Compression System also perform the piles static load testing.

We are confident that the UVT Pile Compression System outperforms any other pile jacking
or soil compression equipment in every category.

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